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Below is a collection of various documents, tip sheets, guidesheets, tutorials, and the like that I have created to support workshops, clinics, and presentations related to technology in education, music, and, in general.  I've organized these into the four broad categories below.  Some of these are a bit dated and you may need to adjust for newer software options or operating system options.  Enjoy browsing. 



  • Performance Tips and Setup for Yamaha WX5 and VL70m in Traditional Ensembles
  • Using MusicXML and MIDI for Sharing Music Notation Files.  Lesson plan, demo files, and student worksheet.  [download ZIP file of materials].  TI:ME article on what MusicXML is all about.
  • Capturing Music Notation Tips (Mac and PC) [view file]:  This tip sheet illustrates a variety of ways a musician or music teacher can quickly capture brief snippets of music notation to use in writing or class handouts.
  • Tutorial for Classroom $2 MIDI Trigger Project to Create a MIDI Band [ view file ]

[Guides below to be updated soon. November 2021]

  • Band-in-a-Box (Version 2008):  Beginning experiences with BIAB using blues chord progression to create accompaniment and melody, and notating a simple folk tune with chords to create accompaniment and solo line.
  • GarageBand (Vers 5.x): Beginning activity for teachers to experience different ways of entering music (notation, chords, loops) into GarageBand.  
  • Mixcraft Guide [coming soon]

Sibelius Notation and Groovy Music Software Guides (Versions 4 thru 6)

  • Sibelius Curriculum Guide.  Comparison of Sibelius software options using the skills matrix from Williams & Webster (2008, 3rd Ed Updated) "Experiencing Music Technology" [ view file ]
  • Overview of Groovy Series and Groovy Tips  [ view file ]
  • Dave’s Groovy exercise levels chart (from 2010 Inservice)
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 1 (Sibelius 4): Create an arrangement of a simple tune using plug-in tools [ view file ]
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 1 (Sibelius 6): Create an arrangement....  [ view file ] 
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 2 (Sibelius 4): Modifying "Pretty Little Horses" in Sibelius to use with Groovy view file ]
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 3 (Sibelius 4): Create a chord study worksheet for students with answer guide view file ]
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 3 (Sibelius 5 and 6): Create a chord study [ view file ]
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 4 (Sibelius 4): Scanning Photoscore to transpose partsview file ]
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 5 (Sibelius 4): Use Sibelius tools to create a warmup etude for your bandview file ]
  • Sibelius Guidesheet 5 (Sibelius 6): Use Sibelius tools to create warmup... [ view file]
  • Resource Files for Guidesheets 1-5 ( .zip file )
  • Sibeilus Guidesheet 6: Sibelius Notation Beginning Experience [ view file ].  Download resources files for 6 ( .zip file )

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