Personalized Coaching & Web Design

Strive for a personal comfort zone where technology enhances your work and productivity!

Coaching services for personal desktop, handheld smartphone and tablet, and web design needs are available as one-on-one or group planning and coaching.

Personalized Technology Coaching

Often professionals struggle with maintaining, fixing, and upgrading their personal computers and software on their own. We may refer legal issues to a lawyer, investing decisions to a financial advisor, or tax preparation to a CPA,  but try to go it alone with technology.   I have personally used, programmed, built, and taught a variety of computers and software, both generally and with music and multimedia applications, for over 40 years.  This experience translates into a pragmatic approach for client coaching that balances your needs and strengths to find a customized strategy for helping you meet short and long-term technology goals. Working together we  look through the many options to find simple and practical solutions, we problem solve situations when things are not working, and we work together to help you better understand how to maximize the features offered by your computers, handheld phones and tablets, and online services.

Current & Past Website Designs

Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro


Royal Links

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Web Design Guidelines

For personal or small organization needs, a simple, cost-effective website can be created that is aesthetically pleasing, expresses the mission of the project, business, or organization, and is easy to maintain. I assist my clients in realizing a complete package for a website:  design, content generation, construction, domain name selection and registration, host server selection and site upload and testing, and ongoing maintenance.

The website implementation has many of the following attributes:

  1. Strives for a balance between attractive design and technology simplicity
  2. Identifies and focuses on a key audience
  3. Uses photos placed strategically throughout the site to show the “personality” of the project, event, group, ensemble, etc. including photo galleries.
  4. Uses sidebars and callouts to provide extra tidbits of information and depth to the site’s content.
  5. Uses free or inexpensive resources on the web to enhance the site: weather plug-ins, Google maps, iTunes store, social network links, animated GIFs, etc.
  6. Uses web design templates to reduce design time and achieve a simple but professional look and feel.
  7. Designed to be simple to maintain long term.
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